3rd party

Through Activate Financial, our fully licensed, national, third-party collections agency, we offer proven, customized collections support to meet your goals.
We work diligently and ethically to help customers solve payment failure and increase collections across all asset classes to help your business distance
itself from the pack.

Professional, Ethical Collections

We work nationwide to provide custom solutions for any company that is seeking effective and professional collections solutions. Activate Financial specializes in the collection of primary debt in the Automotive, Credit Card, Installment & Personal Loan, Student Loan and Healthcare industries, but is standing by to offer support across all asset classes. Our goal is to serve as an extension of your company – accomplishing your needs and managing your accounts. 

Through years of experience, we’ve found the key to increasing dollars collected is to deliver an optimized combination of technology, security, excellent service and professionalism. Our educated, well-trained representatives offer clients best-in-class customer service, meet rigorous background checks, are committed to ethical conduct and deliver quality initiatives. We strive to be the best outsourcing collections partner available, offering reliability and integrity in a traditionally unruly industry. 

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