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Vervent Earns Morningstar Credit Ratings MOR ABS1 Ranking

San Diego, CA – May 04, 2020–For the third consecutive year, Vervent is pleased to announce that Morningstar Credit Ratings has awarded Vervent a MOR ABS1 ranking. After a comprehensive review, Vervent was given a Stable consumer ranking which is the highest possible rating for overall excellence in loan servicing and mitigated risk.

“Receiving the highestMorningstar ranking for the third year in a row is a big milestone for Vervent,” said David Johnson, CEO. “We are particularly proud this year as our rating encompasses the enhanced processes, technology platforms and operations centers from the legacy First Associates and Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (PFSC) companies and certifies the newly combined Vervent entities for excellence.”

From Morningstar:

“DBRS Morningstar forecasts a Stable consumer finance servicer ranking.Vervent is an effective consumer finance servicer for originators and investors covering a wide variety of loans, leases, and other debt obligations.The company continues to increase its servicing volume and is well positioned to handle significant portfolio volume increases. DBRS Morningstar believes Vervent will maintain organizational stability, provide high-quality service for clients, and recognize efficiencies and technology enhancements as it integrates best practices and leverages synergies while capitalizing on opportunities.”

Vervent earned a level 1 Stable ranking which is the highest certification given by DBRS Morningstar. To read the full ranking report, please click here or visit


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